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  1. hello
    I am new here
    I am a foreign-educated nurse, and I have got Michigan Rn license. I sent my application for RN licensure by endorsement to CA nursing board at the begining of this month, but I haven't got any response. Does anybody know usually how long it will take to get my licensure by endorsement? I also applied for a temorary license, does that mean I can only work under a RN supervision until I get my permanent license?
    I am living in New York now, and I am considering relocating to CA because the awful weather here . anybody can recommend a place in CA with beautiful weather, low cost of living along with a nice hospital?
    :imbar sorry for asking too much. any information will be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Sheri257
    By most accounts, the licensing process has been delayed by at least three months since California's new ratio law has prompted a flood of licensing applications. You might have to wait awhile.

    As far as affordable places to live, the only ones I'm aware of are in rural areas. And I mean, really rural. I bought a house in a somewhat affordable semi-rural area in SoCal, and prices have jumped 40 percent just in the past year. I guess it's a combination of low interest rates and last year's fires taking out so many homes. But the housing market is absolutely insane in California right now.

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