CA Meternity Leave

  1. Hi all,
    I got a job offer near LA. I would like to know how many months meternity leave will be given to the nurses? What is the temparature like? What is the yearly minimum temparature?
    Pls advice.
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  3. by   calirn2006
    CA actually has great maternity leave....better the any state! You are guaranteed paid state diability leave for the last mth of your pregnancy...or it can begin whenever the dr. thinks you need to be off work. Then after the baby is born you have 12 weeks paid through a combination of baby bonding and family leave ( I dont remember the exact names of those two things. It is paperwork that you have to fill out. HR can help you get all the papers!) The pay you recieve is 50% of your income pre-tax. All in all it ends out to be the same amount as what your take home check. You have to be working in the state of CA for at least 1 year to qualify for all the paid leave. You can take up to 6 mths afterwards unpaid and your job has to hold your position.
    One more takes a couple weeks for the pay to kick in switching from the first program after the first 6 weeks to the next program that pays for the last 6 if you have mortgage or rent make sure you have that saved up in advance.
    Hope this wasnt too confusing and the info helps you!
    Cali is a great state. Temps are pretty stable all year ranging from 60-80 near the coast. Inland it can get hot in the summer!
  4. by   vermountindia
    Hi Calirn2006, Thanks for ur info.