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  1. Hi all!

    Is anyone else having trouble getting their license endorsed to CA because of missing educational requirements? I've read that some people have had problems with the Communications requirement. Was anyone successful in proving that their undergrad program was adequate?

    I'm currently in the midst of a nightmare with the California BON.
    I received a letter stating I'm deficient in Psychology and Social Sciences. I found this super odd because I took a psychology class and several classes I would consider social sciences (like anthropology). I called the BON (was on hold for one hour) and was rudely told that my transcript was already reviewed and does not fulfill these requirements... um what??

    I'm not exactly sure hot to proceed because I DID take a psych class and social science classes... I've already been waiting 4 months for this license...

    Also I've been a RN in the workforce for almost 5 years and I went to a great legitimate nursing school for undergrad sooo I'm super frustrated right now.

    Sorry had to vent.
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    Usually social sciences translates to history, government or politics classes.

    I had an issue--not with the CA BRN, mind you--about some of my classes from my first BA not being sufficient enough to meet a school's requirements. I contacted my first undergrad school and requested the actual syllabi (or descriptions if the syllabus was not available) for these courses, which I then sent to the reviewer. They reviewed and then decided that yes, my courses were actually sufficient. Perhaps doing that would help you?

    And don't take this as being a reflection on your school, that they're saying your school wasn't legitimate or anything bad. CA just has VERY stringent educational requirements that they will not budge an inch on.
  4. by   Amistad
    Thank you for your response! I ended up attaching a letter to my application explaining the classes on my transcript and I also included attachments of the class descriptions. I guess they changed their mind because I got the license!
  5. by   hknursejohn
    Hi Amistard, I am a nurse who faces similar situation as you.I am a NY nurse looking for endorsement in CA. California BON said that I am deficient in Obstetric and Pediatric Nursing which I have taken the classes in my 4 years BSN outside US already. And I am working as a RN in NY for 1 year and have been a nurse for 4 year experience in total. I feel so frustrated that Cali BON called me to retake it.

    I search for hours in Allnurses , and finally see your post! it's like I see a hope from your experience.

    I plan to attach a letter to my application explaining the classes on my transcript and explain to them , may I have some suggestion from your previous experience? How do you explain to Cali BON?Really appreciate it!

    Please email me thank you!
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