Assisted living gripes

  1. Hello I am working at a assisted living for close to 3 years , about 5-8 months ago we got a new executive director that has brought many changes , some include bringing in about 15 staff from his old facility through out that time mostly caregivers and med aides but also gave one of his former coworker a vice executive director position, (we have never had that) also another guy got a supervisor/ training position ?? It sounds made up don't know if other facilities have that ,and a bunch of residents my issue with that was that they are coming from a memory care facility and we have had incidents where they fall and can't find their call pendant/necklace or remember to press it for help.

    One thing that bugged me was when we had a nurse /med aide meeting our direct said and I quote " if the caregivers don't answer call lights fast enough and something happens to a resident because of that we as the nurse on duty will be responsible and could face legal problems and have our nursing license in danger " is that true ?? We have 3 building that are 3 story's and roughly 120 residents.

    How we track the call lights is with a pager system that beeps for everyone for every building every resident that calls anyone with vision and a pager can see who's calling and when they called , I don't like that on top of doing nursing duty's ( insulins with sliding scale, carrying out new doctor orders, calling/following up on doctor orders) we have to now watch the call lights and make sure they are answered on time.

    I hear from staff that all assisted living have the issues we have , I refuse to believe that because when I started working there wasn't anything like that and when outside home health nurse or pt/ot come they ask why we look so miserable lol that's the icing on the cake
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  3. by   shibaowner
    What is the purpose of your post? You are not in a position to change the management team. Your job is to care for patients. Nothing in your post indicates that patient care is endangered by the new management. And guess what, you are supposed to respond to call lights and alarms in a timely manner. If you don't like it, then you should not be caring for patients.
  4. by   2017Kokomo
    I understand what you're saying as far as assisted living and the bureaucracy that comes with it. Of course, any job has bureaucracy but sometimes you just need to get stuff off your chest.

    The only thing even close to a solution I have is to have a second job or hobby that doesn't consume all of your time. If that's not possible, make a personal goal at your job (that only you know about) and work toward it quietly. It should improve your skills and/or performance and benefit you in some way.