Applying for New Grad Position At Hoag & Saddleback

  1. So I tried to look at new grad positions at Hoag Hospital and Saddleback San Clemente & Laguna Hills online. I couldn't find any med surg. At Hoag I could only find telemetry. Is this just because the jobs aren't posted online? I wanted to apply for aug/sept orientation. Do they just not have a nursing shortage at these hospitals and are instead, over filled? I thought there was a nursing shortage in California but I guess not at these hospitals. If anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Or if you're an employee at Hoag I"d love to get some help!
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    Geez... no one can help??
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    Try's usually a listing of jobs that I have seen lately in those hospitals. Good luck!
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    Also, you may want to call the nurse recruiter at each of these hospitals and ask them when their next new grad program will start. I am not too familiar with Saddleback but at Hoag the nurse recruiter's name is Dana Spivey and she is very helpful. Most of the hospitals that have new grad programs will have Med/surg openings but there are probably more at night. Good luck and I am sure you will get what you want!
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    Try registering at The e-mails they send you are insightful as to what positions are open at certain units.

    I'm a new grad myself (dec. 06), born and raised in Southern California. Applied to Hoag, talked with Ms. Spivey who was EXTREMELY helpful, and found that they really do need new grad RN's in telemetry. To be honest, the hospital does seem great and it would be nice to work in any unit there.

    I noticed in your other post that you live in PA. Let me just say, that it is possible to live here affordably. Traffic is a mess during rush hour, but it's just something that we learn to cope with. Sidestreets can become your friend pretty quickly.

    Do you mind me asking if there is any particular reason why you want Hoag or Saddleback? There are TONS of good quality hospitals around Orange County/Los Angeles that are by the beach. One thing you should know about California: public transportation SUCKS! It is possible to get around on the bus and metro, but honestly a car is almost a neccessity if you want to get around efficiently. Everything is close, but spaced out. Definitely not within walking distance unless you live a block or two away from the hospital.

    Hoag is located in Newport Beach. The cost of living is outrageous. Look for places in Costa Mesa instead. It is only a 10 minute drive, and you can significantly reduce your cost of living to around 900-1350. South Coast Plaza is nearby, and a lot of little botique type shops.

    Have you thought about living in Long Beach, California? It is a great place to live, and is located approximately halfway between LA downtown and the OC.
    I am a twentysomething myself, and I have to say that Long Beach is a great city to start out living in. There are great hospitals nearby (check out Long Beach Memorial), and housing isn't atrocious. There is definitely a young hip scene going on, especially since California State Long Beach is closeby. The beach is closeby too, and it's extremely diverse in terms of demographics. If you're more of a partier, you can party. Belmont Shores, The Pike in Long Beach come to mind.

    If you're really thinking beach life, there is also Santa Monica, California. Westwood and Brentwood in LA are also very nice. Outrageosly expensive, but nice. I'll be honest with you, Orange County is a great place to live in, but it's definitely more conservative and family oriented. It's a place where I'd want to raise a family. Don't believe what you seen on Laguna Beach and the OC. For a young, single 20something, I would think to look more in LA county. Just some food for thought.

    I know I went completely off on tangent. I definitely think you can make the move! Sorry don't mean to sound harsh about cars and public transportation. That is a reality, but is IS doable. As an RN, you can live comfortably, as long as the lifestyle chosen is within reason. Hopefully some of this makes sense or is helpful. (Just for the record, I've lived both in LA and Orange County)
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