Anyone taken Pharm and/or Patho @ Samuel Merritt?

  1. I am considering taking these at Samuel Merritt. I know they are fairly expensive, but I think they are going to work better with my schedule. I have heard bad things about the Anatomy and Physiology courses, curious if the teachers aren't so great for Pharm and/or Patho too. Any insight is appreciated!
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  3. by   floydpink

    My pharma instructor was really helpful and supportive. Since this is an online class, we just "meet" through emails and she responded quickly on my questions/comments. My experience on Patho is just fair, not that great.
    On the other hand, I had great Anatomy and Physio class @ SMU. It really depends on the student, I guess. I had to spend extra hours than normal, I think... I got all A's on all my pre-reqs but had long nights studying!

    Good luck!
  4. by   eastbay
    Thanks so much for the info! What is making patho not the great? Material, teacher?
  5. by   FunnyPants
    Consider these community colleges:

    Bay area: Contra Costa College (San Pablo) offers Pharmacology. I took it in the summer and the teacher added 30+ students who wanted to add, including those already on the list. This DOES NOT have a dosage calculation component but i've been told by a SMU advisor that it is ok. However it is suggested that you take the dosage calculations course that is also offered. Perhaps concurrently?

    Woodland Community College & yuba community college district offers both pharmacology and pathophysiology. You have the option for online or in-class options. I took patho online in the summer and I hated it. I don't feel as though I learned a dang thing; you read assigned chapters and take an online quiz. I wish I had taken it during the semester and in class but oh well.