Anyone from Palmdale or Lancaster cali

  1. Iam attending Antelope valley college.The waiting list for the L.V.N Program I was told would be spring 2009!!!!!! I only have 1 class to take Biolology,so now what iam supposed to do for the next two years:angryfire I want to take my preq for the Rn program but hoping they will call me before then.Also anyone here graduate from the L.V.N program at A.V? I am thinking about concord but it's really expensive& my luck as soon as I get started they will call me.So my thing is,are they really serious or just their way to keep the non serious ones from applying.
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    Hi there, I live in Palmdale and am a new LVN. I graduated from Antelope Valley Medical College in November 2005. I work at AV Hospital in Lancaster now in med surg. It is very stressful with patient load of 12-15. I am going to AVC for RN prereqs and my daughter is in third semester for RN. The wait there is long. That's why I went to a private school AV Medical College on 10th Street and Ave. J. I had a great time there. It cost $18,500 but they have loans. I only had 15 in my class with 11 graduating. All clinicals are local in town. Elvie Ancheta was my nursing instructor. She is the best. Some of the other schools have up to 60 in a class be careful. Everyone in my class passed NCLEX except 3. If you need any information please send me a private message and I'll answer you. Good luck in whatever you do.