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Hi I was just wondering if anyone is applying to saddleback college for spring 07. We can share our thoughts and make the waiting a little more pleasant.In my case is going to be the longest of my... Read More

  1. by   WhyBrat
    OMGosh!!!! Homewith1 CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I knew you would get in. See you in August!!!! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!
  2. by   cmai8
    anyone just applied for spring 2012?
  3. by   LiveALittle,LoveALot
    I did!! September 30th cannot come any faster!!
  4. by   maddybee
    I was accepted to GWC for fall 2011, and on the alternate list for Saddleback. I've gone through everything I need for GWC, and Saddleback just sent me a letter saying I'm now #2 on the alternate list. If I am still interested in going to Saddleback I need to attend the orientation on Aug. 5th. Not sure what to do now that I've gotten a lot of stuff done for GWC, and I live closer to GWC, but my heart is still leaning towards Saddleback. I'll check out their orientation and see what I think. Any suggestions?
  5. by   WhyBrat
    I got accepted at Saddleback and am on the alternate for GWC. Personally, I think Saddleback is a much better school. Academically, they are top notch evidenced by the fact that they have the highest pass rate for the NCLEX. I have had nothing but a positive excellent experience with all of the people I have thus far interacted with at Saddleback. I have heard good and bad from both schools, but GWC has more negative comments than positive. Now I also love GWC, went there for 2 years and loved all my professors, but the college and the nursing school are not the same. Which I could help, but i think that ultimately you just need to feel them both out. Good luck.
  6. by   brbowen9
    Any idea how many "qualified" applicants there usually are per application cycle? I'm going to be applying this time next year, after I repeat A&P.
  7. by   maddybee
    Thanks whybrat! That's great you got in to Saddleback. I have heard so many great things about saddleback too, which is why it would be hard to give up a spot if I am offered one. Plus, just knowing that they only accept the best students is a definite bonus. GWC is mostly lottery so I might end up working with students who aren't as hard of workers as I am. I'll just have to wait till orientation to make my decision. Do you know your schedule for your first semester? What days are you going to be at school? And what hospital are you doing clinicals?

    And brbowen9, I'm not sure how many applicants are actually "qualified" but my guess is a good chunk of the applicants. Most people know what they're getting in to and have worked pretty hard to get to the point of applying. I know a lot of schools have been accepting 60 students per semester, and maybe getting anywhere from 500-800 applicants, at least that's my guess.
  8. by   WhyBrat
    Maddy.... I will be working at Orange Coast Memorial in FV. I will be there Monday and Tuesday, from 6:30 am to 4 and on Wednesday all day lecture from 7am to 4pm, or something close to that. The last 6 weeks are at UCI. Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do....
  9. by   LiveALittle,LoveALot
    Maddybee- Congratulations on both!! It's awesome that you have choices. I am an alternate at GWC and I am waiting to hear back from Saddleback in September for the Spring semester. My heart is also with Saddleback although I too am closer to GWC. I don't know how everything works but it seems like some of the stuff you have gotten done for GWC would be good towards Saddleback, no?? I would definitely go to the orientation on the 5th, that way you can really see what it would be like. Good luck to you!!
  10. by   cmd4
    I applied for Spring 2012 entry. The counselor told me that last application period they got about 600 applicants. Not sure where those applicants all sat point wise, but needless to say, that's a buttload of applicants.
  11. by   maddybee
    livealittle- good luck getting into a program! I just got a call from saddleback today saying I'm officially in! So if I decide to go there, maybe that'll open up a spot for you! =) I'm going to saddleback tomorrow to get the info I need, and if I get my schedule I'll be able to make a decision about which school to go to. And yes, most of the stuff I've done for GWC should also work for saddleback, but I did buy uniforms and a couple books, so I'll have to try and return those if I do choose saddleback.

    And thanks whybrat for the info. Maybe I'll be seeing you at saddleback!
  12. by   WhyBrat
    CONGRATS Maddy!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you. I personally think you are crazy to turn down Saddleback considering their track record and excellent reputation at all the hospitals, but ultimately a good schedule that fits your life is important. I know you will make the right decision. See you at orientation!!! The uniform company we had to use was Dove and we have burgundy bottoms and white tops. WOW!!! You sure are a LUCKY one!!!! =)
  13. by   maddybee
    Thanks whybrat! I feel really lucky! I just got home from meeting with ---- at Saddleback, and I got my schedule and everything. I'll be going to Hoag Th/F. I'm so excited, and I totally agree that I would be crazy to turn this down. I just have to return the stuff I ordered for GWC. Did you already order your uniforms? I can't decide which top to order. They have so many options! I might wait until orientation to see if CNSA will be selling old ones, but I need to return my GWC uniform, and it's the same company so I want to do it soon. I like the TLC top for the fit, but the collar seems a little weird. And do you know if the orientation on Aug 5th is for all the students starting this fall? Or only for the ones that got in recently? Sorry for all the questions! Just super excited! =)
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