1. Hi! I'm so torn on what to apply to in order to get my nursing degree. I have a bachelors already in business but do I apply for ADN or ABSN? I'd love to save money and do the ADN but ABSN will
    cover getting a job without issue...I'm in Ca, and I've heard people can get jobs with an ADN but I don't know if that is really the case?
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  3. by   imtoonice
    It's your own personal choice. It depends on how you value your time vs money. If you can get into a low-cost ABSN program like CSULA's (estimated at $33k total cost) then it's a no brainer to go the ABSN route because you can essentially save 1-1.5 years and recoup the difference by working earlier. Why not apply to both types of programs and decide once you're actually admitted? Yes, you can get a job with "just" an ADN. It may not be your first option, but you will find work as a RN.
  4. by   siesepuede
    I'm in the same boat and losing my mind trying to figure it out. I will likely apply to both, like imtoonice suggested.

    Have you heard of the ADN-BSN Collaborative programs? If not, google it. That's an option too.
  5. by   SAjala16
    You can get your ADN but most hospitals and places of employment are looking for BSNs now. I have heard that with the ADN you are most likely to be accepted at the nursing facilities but there are some hospitals that will hire ADN with the promise to enroll in a RN to BSN while employed to get your BSN. I would look at job ads for RNs and see what they are asking for.

    I did that and found hospitals wanting the BSN. Basically if you want to good jobs, BSN is the way to go. There is also a MECN called Masters Entry Clinical Nurse at UCLA that is the same amount of time,maybe a tad less than a BSN. They are 22 months. I am putting my app in next month. A friend of mine who I am in the military with referred me to the school. That's where more of them graduated from that are nurses at my unit. It will probably be the same price and doing a ABSN or BSN prelicensing. Check them out.

    The degree is geared to getting your RN License and Clinical Nurse Leader Certificate and you ca go for Public Health Nurse.