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Hi everyone!

Is anyone out there trying to get their FNP license in CA? I graduated/passed my boards at the beginning of November 2020. I submitted all of the required documents in November 2020--I'll even say December 2020 to allow ample time for my school's paperwork to arrive at the board. I even had my school resubmit paperwork in April as that is what is supposedly holding up my license processing. Despite calling and emailing, I have been unable to get ahold of anyone on the BON to ask any questions. 

Is anyone else experiencing this kind of wait time for their license to be processed? Or should I drive to Sacramento and try to speak to someone in person? Definitely at a loss and am ready to start practicing. 

Thanks so much for any input!



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I am having the same issue. I am wondering if you got your license yet (As of Sept 2021). I graduated in April, submitted documents in May and it's now September, and I haven't received my license yet. it's is so frustrating. 


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So, miracles happen! I was *finally* able to get ahold of someone at the BON and apparently my processed paperwork had only been attached to my Furnishing Number application. The man helping me sent an urgent email to whoever was in charge of that and I officially had my NP license two days later.

He said things have been a little crazy with Covid, but he was so polite and so helpful. I suggest calling, calling, calling until you get through. The office opens at 09:00 each day. Sometimes the call-back queue is full, even at 09:00, but keep trying.

He said my paperwork was received on 4/30 but wasn’t processed until 8/20…but keep trying!! Good luck!