California BRN re-application after passing NCLEX for more than 3 years


I passed my NCLEX-RN for California On 2008. I wasnt able to provide SSN that time. I just migrated in the US this 2013 and got my SSN. I called the board and said that i dont need to take the exam again but i have to re-apply as a new applicant and they will re-evaluate my application. I was wondering if they will require me to go back to school. I graduated from the Philippines and I heard that the new applicants, they are requiring more units. How true is this? I passed already, do i have to go back to school? Thanks.


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It is up for the Boards to decide. There have been instances of both scenarios. Some have not had to take the classes and others have. It just depends. Similar to those that failed NCLEX the first time, and then when they reapplied, some were required to take classes and others did not.

Good luck!