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Looking for some experiences nurses have had with calf measurements.

I work on a rehab floor, mostly hips and knees. On nights we have 8 patients each. We are required to measure all of their calves each morning before they get out of bed and record the numbers in the computer and on their paper chart. It is so time consuming. We are running around all morning bathing, toileting, meds, breakfast, (we have primary nursing with no aides).

I guess I have NEVER seen these measurements ever used to diagnosis a blood clot?

I am looking for stories from experienced nurses where these measurements have prevented negative outcomes? If I can wrap my brain around a scenario of what "might" occur, I believe I will feel differently as I spend so much time completing them.

Thanks in advance.

A couple possibilities.....

Muscle atrophy or gain/loss of muscle mass is one

This is another The use of calf circumference measurement as an an... [J Nutr Health Aging. 2010] - PubMed result

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