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Cal State San Marcos A-BSN New requirements


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Hi everyone. I'm new. Because of recent changes made to many of the Cal State's nursing programs, I finally had to make a post because I have a few questions.

My first question is about San Marcos's Accelerated BSN program for Fall 2013. They've added some new requirements listed under "Additional BRN, Lower-Division CSU GE, and Additional Graduation Requirements." They are:

HD 101 Introduction to Human Development Across the Lifespan

MATH 200 Mathematical Statistics for Nursing

Are these courses only available at San Marcos? I have been unable to find equivalents at either my local community colleges or at Cal State LA, Long Beach or Fullerton... at least according to assist.org. Has anyone on this board taken these two courses? Where did you take them?

It sucks. I feel like every time I'm ready to apply to a program the school just adds MORE pre-reqs that I have to find some way to meet.

Thank you for ANY help.

To answer your questions about those two classes, I took one of them at my local community college and the other at my undergrad here in SD. Its not specifically Statistics for Nursing majors but more just regular statistics. I think the introductory class was the one I had to take in my undergraduate. For the human development, it was under the psychology department for me. I took that at a community college online.

These two classes were standard classes when I applied. I took the human development at iTV (instructional television) which is offered through LA Mission college. You meet once every Saturday or Sunday at one of four of the LA community colleges. I believe the iTV courses lasts only 6 weeks, so there are two start dates per semester. They offer other classes as well but I'm not sure if statistics is one of them. I took my statistics class as part of my undergraduate degree at CSULB, but I'm sure you will easily find a statistics class at a community college.