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Cal State Fullerton

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I am interested in finding out how the interview process is at Cal State Fullerton is. Anyone have any input on the program? I really would like to hear about the school.

much alohas

by far the best education for the money i have found. i'm currently in the crna program and love it. i doubt you will find faculty as willing to help anywhere in the country. if you have any specific questions feel free to pm me.


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Interview process: 12 people in the room at a u shaped table. You are in front of them. The group includes CRNAs, 2 Sr, 2 Jr students, MDAs, director of the program and professors. No one from Cal State Fullerton, all from anesthesia program. Thank goodness, 'cuz I can tell you that the professors at the campus (CSUF) have pretty much no idea what we do.

The questions are friendly, but to the point. They want to know how you think on your feet and how well you do under pressure. Do you get along with others? Did you participate in your unit on committees or did you just put in the time?

Dress professionally. Tie for men, preferably a suit and professional attire for a woman (suit pants or suit with skirt)

This in no time for individuality.

Good Luck!

PS: arrive on time or slightly early. Rhetta or Sandra (sec'ys) will show you to a waiting area. Will make small tak and try to help you relax. They are sweet and love to tease people!

Parking is difficult. You will find a parking garage at the mall across the street, easiest to use that. The building is on LosRobles, one block off of Colorado. (Where the Rose Parade goes!)

It is still hot in Pasadena this time of the year. 75-80s. Try not to get too overheated before the interview.


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I will also be applying the the Fullerton/Kaiser program. Do they ask clinical questions during the interview? In addition I am worried about how I can show the committee how I have prepared myself (financially, clinically, emotionally), but at the same time not look arogaunt or cocky.



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