CA and virtual labs


My husband is military so we have moved around a lot and have been in more secluded rural areas or out of country which means that some of my sciences were online classes. They were all done at brick and mortar schools but I did them online and dissections in my home. No where does it say on my transcript they are online courses and like I said they are all brick and mortar schools. Will they ask me if they were online? some Ca schools dont accept online labs so am I SOL? It was my Micro, chem and A&P2.

It depends on the accreditation and the school. Is it from straighterline? If so, they have a list of partners.


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They were done at Barton community, Clovis community and even one at University of Alaska Soldotna. The soldotna one I flew there for a three day weekend and did the lab. All of them I did the lab and the dissections but the lecture was online so I guess its not a "virtual lab". I just talked to someone at University of San Francisco and she said they will not take any pre reqs that had any portion online. I am gonna be so mad if they are not accepted. They all transfered to University of Alaska fine but I guess california is picky. None of them were self paced and all were with a teacher, I even attended live lectures online.