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Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone could answer some questions regarding my application for licensure by examination? My girlfriend and I are both originally from California but moved out of state for accelerated second degree nursing programs. We're graduating in the upcoming months(Her: August, Me: September) I've tried to contact the board by phone and e-mail to no avail. If anyone could give some insight that would be awesome!

With regards to transcripts, we're confused by the instructions on the SBON application. It states that we need to send in a transcript request form to our school of nursing, which has the responsibility of sending it directly to the SBON. I understand that.

However, Since we are second degree students, we've attended more than one university. We both have attended undergrad at a college in California, and 2 different schools for various prerequisites. Do we need to submit these transcripts as well? Can we order the transcripts ourselves and attach it in our original application, or do we have to send in a transcript request form to them as well(Even though they aren't our school of nursing)?

Thanks so much!

Usually, Boards like sealed transcripts directly from the school.

There have been various questions like this to a similar degree, and there are varying answers...

Some people were fine with just having their nursing school transcripts sent directly to boards and they didn't have to send in additional transcripts from the schools that they took their prereqs in.

Others have had to send in transcripts from all schools where prereqs and nursing courses were done.

Yes, Boards are slow to respond, but I would keep trying to call/e-mail the Boards for their answer. That's the best bet.

Good luck when you take boards. :)

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