C-NET Test, how to prepare? Can't buy study guide...

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Hello everyone!I'm new on here and I'm very interested in knowing what to expect for the LPN pre-entrance exam. I live in New York, I plan on taking the test for Mid-Manhattan adult learning center. I have some time before the test, and I want to seriously practice ahead, specially because I know there's a crucial math part and that's my weakness. I searched up old posts and I read that the math on this exam is fractions, percents, multiplication. Etc. Is this so?I tried buying the study guide from the CNET website but I can't due to an issue with my card, I was hoping they'd accept paypal payments but they don't (That's how I mainly shop online). I'd like to know if I'll be safe by studying on my own, maybe another book I can look into that's similar to the CNET guide? The language/vocabulary part also worries me, are these random college level words or do they specifically deal with nursing only? I guess once narrow down what I need to study I will be better off, but not having the study guide holds me back a bit on that part.Help?


I live in NY and would sell you an exam guide for a fraction of the cost. I begin the program at Goldwater this September. If interested, email me at [email protected].

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