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Hello! I'm looking for some help regarding the c-elbw certification for nicu nurses. My whole unit is taking the test because we're moving up to a level 3 nicu. We've all done the "engage, grow, thrive" course and I also have the "Golden Hours" book. I was wondering if anyone else has taken it and how they studied?

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I don't know if you have taken the certification exam already, but I took it a few years ago.  I used a certification review course and read the ELBW chapter of Gomella's Neonatology and passed the exam pretty easily.  I did not think it was too difficult, but I had already spent about a year in a Level 4 and took care of tiny babies quite often.  I think you should probably be fine with the course you took and the Golden Hours book, though.  It is 125 questions, multiple choice.  Pretty straight forward.

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