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C&C Sweden Clogs

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Does anyone wear these? What are your opinions?

I just bought a pair after going between those and the Danskos. I like the feel of the C&C better but I just wore them for the first time out shopping to break them in and I'm not too sure about wearing a clog for work. What are you thought!?


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These are the best shoes ever! I have four pairs, its really all I wear. I have been wearing them for 4 years. They are all leather so like any leather shoe, they get better with time and really "fit" your foot. I have never been big on clogs but they are wonderful! They stay on your feet, at first they felt a little "high" for work but they are so comfortable! I do my three 12's in a row and I've even done 4 without any back, leg or foot pain! I HIGHLY recommend them! FUN colors and bling options!!! :)


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