By the way, the structured questionnare

World International


1. What are your major duties and responsibilities?

2. What is the outlook for employment in this career?

3. What is the title of your career field or job?

4. What is the level of education required?

5. What do you like most about your career?

6. What do you like least about your career?

7. What special skills are required for this career?

8. Are there any special physical demands?

9. What is the opportunity for advancement in this field?

10. How many other people do you work with?

11. Are there any special materials, equipment, tools, machinery, etc. that you have to know how to use in this career?

12. What personal qualities does a person need for this career?

13. How many hours do you usually work?

14. If you were choosing a career field at this point, would you choose this career? Why or why not?

Most important - add you personal feelings, opinions, ANYTHING!

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