The Burn Unit Is Calling Me!

  1. My father was hospitalized at Minneapolis St. Paul Twin Cities Shrine Hospital for nine months of his early life due to a traumatic burn affecting over one third of his body. Through hospitalization and 450 miles of separation from his family, he became one of the first successful cases of extensive burn grafts in 1942. Through years of stories regarding his life-changing experience the common heroes were the nurses. My journey to nursing began before I was even born, through the nurses that not only saved, but also changed my father's life. I am pursuing a career as an RN in a burn unit. I feel like it will be my opportunity to give to others the compassion, care and love my father was given by his nurses. I have two semesters to go! I have three questions: I am 52, very active, I run 2 to 4 miles 5 times a week. Do I have to give my age when I apply? Second: I don't know many hospitals in California that are hiring new grads. Are other states? Third: I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA, will that make a difference when applying or can I relax a bit? Thank You
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  3. by   SDnurse2011
    Hi jdevales,
    I am a new grad nurse (originally from Southern California, went to school in Washington state) and I'd recommend trying to get into a burn unit during your senior practicum if at all possible. I did my senior preceptorship at a burn ICU, but even with this, I was not able to get into the burn ICU that I applied to here in SoCal. If burn is indeed your passion, you may have to be open to moving out of California. As far as your age, I believe it is against the law for them to ask your age. Additionally, your GPA will be helpful, but the California job market is so saturated with highly qualified applicants with high GPA's, your direct connection to, and passion for the field of burn care will help probably more than the GPA.
    In my case, I applied all over the country, and found a burn unit that placed more importance on my senior preceptorship experience than a super-high GPA. Maturity tends to also be an asset in this area, given the emotional complexities of burn patients and their families.
    I wish you success in your program and in your pursuit as a burn nurse.
  4. by   Nursejelly
    Thank you for the your reply, I just finished my second day of third semester. My instructor basically said just what you said. "Continue with the grades and you will have a better chance of getting the preceptor area you ask for". I think your right about applying in another state and I am definitely willing to go where ever I have to. Congratulations to you on getting into the Burn Unit!