care package for burn victim

  1. Hello! I just saw a story about a 13 year old boy who was bullied and set on fire and it just breaks my heart! I want to send a Christmas card with some goodies but didn't know what would be good for him such as chap stick, mints, any ideas would be great!!

    Thank You!
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  3. by   marienm, RN, CCRN
    This is very warm-hearted of you!

    Without knowing anything about his condition, it's hard to say what he could use right now. If he has burns to his face/mouth, I'd avoid chapstick since the hospital is probably using whatever's appropriate (we use bacitracin on my unit) while the skin heals; a lot of scents/flavors are irritating to fragile skin. We splint patients' hands after grafting (if they were burned on the hands) so they aren't able to use their hands for a while (usually several days) and then after that physical therapy/occupational therapy starts working with them...I'm trying to think of hand-operated toys that also encourage range-of-motion or strength? (I work on an adult unit & don't have any kids!)

    Since I don't know (and you may not know either) how he's doing or when he'll be awake and interacting (if he's currently on a ventilator), I would avoid anything that spoils (food, flowers--which we won't allow on our unit anyway because of insects), money or gift cards (too much time for stuff like that to be lost or "lost"; if the family has a website you might be able to donate directly that way), and giant stuffed animals that take up a lot of room and are impossible to keep clean.

    Depending on what you know of the family & patient, maybe he'd like some comfy but cheap sweatpants or pajama pants (if no leg/groin burns) to wear and they can be tossed when dirty (burns drain...a lot). Or some books by a favorite author/on a favorite theme, to either read or be read to him. Or some non-perishable treats that aren't purely junk food. Or a card every day for a week? 2 weeks? that says "I don't know you personally but I care about you! I'm thinking of you as you heal!" and similar sentiments each day.
  4. by   Postpartum RN
    Oh my gosh this breaks my heart! That poor child bullying is such a huge issue these days. That's very kind of you to send him something. God bless you for doing this!