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Burdette Tomlin info, please?

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Can anyone give me accurate info about working here? All I seem to hear are negatives from people who never worked there. I've heard that the ratio at nights is 1:12 at best and my liscence is in jeapordy if I go to work there. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

and she said for a christmas bonus they only give $25. Also I have met a bunch of people who work there and they didn't have anything nice to say either.

Hi hon,

I am an LPN, who did the majority of her clinical rotations at BTMH. The nurses were very generous with me, once I made it clear that I didn't want to be a bother, but rather was looking to take on tasks to free up some of their time.

What I saw was some very unhappy staff. This was primarily related to the patient ratios especially on the med surg floor. There was a definate lack IMHO of camraderie and support, both on the floor and from admin.

As an LPN in subacute/ltc I often have to send my residents to BTMH's ER for eval. 9 times out of 10 the ER nurses don't want to hear report from me. (Maybe I just give lousy report?) Oftimes they are exceptionally rude. e.g. A resident was sent back from ER with a discharge sheet that said "You may or may not have a fracture or broken bone." So I called the ER confirmed the resident had a fx of the humerus. I was waiting to find out what type of fx when the nurse very snottily said "Thats in the upper arm." This isn't the first time ltc nurses have been treated in this manner.

We have had 3 or 4 of our staff RN's leave to work at BTMH. They usually return to us 3 to 6 mos later stating that the difference in pay isn't worth the work environment.

I am currently transitioning from LPN to RN. I know if I ever decide to work in a hospital I will head for Shore Memorial, even though it is a 45min drive for me. We also did clinicals there, and the difference was amazing.

Best of luck to you.


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