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BSN school help

by cfrag96 cfrag96 (New) New

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to figure out which program is best for me and could use some help. I started a program at WGU and it was entirely online but it was not for me. I already have a degree, my grades were good but not very competitive. Does anyone have any recommendations on programs! 

thank you!

llg, PhD, RN

Specializes in Nursing Professional Development. Has 44 years experience.

In order to know if a program is a good fit for you or not ... you'll have to tell us what characteristics you are looking for.   The people here can all list the schools they went to ... but whether they are a good fit for you or not will be a total crap shoot.

Why was WGU not a good fit for you?   What characteristics of that program were NOT right for you?

Are there specific things you ARE looking for in a program?