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BSN Programs in TX


Hello everyone,

I am currently a pre-nursing student at Texas State University-San Marcos. I plan to apply to the nursing program at Texas State but know that they only accept 100 applicants so I don't want to limit myself. I'm interested in Texas Women's University, UTHCSA, Texas Tech, SFAU, and I'm open to looking into others. I do have some concerns and was hoping someone could give me insight on any of these schools. Any advice or information is welcomed and would be truly appreciated! I did purchase the TEAS V study guide and am worried about getting above the minimum since I'm not an amazing test taker. What was your experiences with the TEAS V and what advice do you have? Also most schools GPA requirements are at least a 3.0, did anyone get in anywhere with a GPA under 3.5? What was your overall GPA and science GPA? I know these are very general questions but if you've got any specific advice you'd like to share feel free to send it my way!

Thanks yall!