BSN to MSN versus BSN to DNP (UM versus FIU)


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I have been accepted into University of Miami's 2 year part time FNP MSN program (MSN to DNP 2 additional years separate program).

I have interviewed for FIU's FNP BSN to DNP part time program which is 4 years and 2 semesters, however at 3 years and 2 semesters they award MSN and you can sit for boards, then the following 1 year is focused on research clinical hours/ research project to obtain DNP.

University of Miami MSN is 37 credits and 616 clinical hours

University of Miami Plan of study

FIU 69 credits for MSN and then 12 more credits for DNP (total 81) Clinical hours 830 MSN and 480 clinical hours for DNP                                                                                 FIU awards both the MSN then follow by additional one year for DNP. 480 clinical hours for DNP.  I have attached the program plan of study.                                    

I am confused how two program with the same degree MSN can be so different in credits and length of time. Possibly because FIU is BSN to DNP they are preparing students for their DNP, causing the MSN portion to be longer?                                  

They are both part time programs, both accredited schools. I would love to hear your thoughts on these two programs.

BSN to DNP Part-Time Brochure 4-2020 Updated.pdf