BSN, MPH? Looking for advice!


Hi everyone!

I'm looking for some advice on possible career options. To give a little background, I'm a nurse of five years in Massachusetts in Boston. I've worked in the Operating Room, SNF/LTC, was nurse case manager for a community health center for about two and a half years focusing on HIV/STI prevention in the community, and now work as a clinical research nurse on HIV prevention studies (AMP study to name one). I've realized my passion is in educating the public and sharing prevention methods (in the realm of HIV/STI prevention). I'm also really interested in continuing to battle the obesity epidemic, as well as other chronic health conditions (i.e. diabetes, CVD) that would benefit from effective health promotion techniques. As a nurse case manager, I found I truly loved being one on one with patients and educating them about their disease states and providing basic assistance (i.e. how to read food labels, how to select healthful produce based on their disease, medication assistance, etc.).

I also really enjoy interpreting data in studies. This is new and I used to hate research in university. Now, I am loving the work I am doing on these HIV prevention studies.

This brings me to my current situation. I am very interested in going back to school and have been for a while. My new research job allows for flexible schedules. I'm really interested in the public health sector and would view a job working for the CDC or MA DPH as a PHN as an end goal. I'd love to hear from others about potential masters degree options that I've been thinking about. I've been looking up getting my MPH degree and I think it makes the most sense for what I want to do with my career long term. The idea of epidemiology is also very interesting to me, but do nurses work in that sector? I also view teaching as the very end of my career, because I LOVE to teach and my patients always responded so well to my individualized sessions.

Does anyone know of any dual MPH/MSN programs out there? Should I get my MSN with an MPH, or is a RN, BSN, MPH decent credentials for what I'd like to do?

Thank you to anyone who reads or responds! Much appreciated.