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Hello! I am preparing to a BSNvirtual nursing interview and I would like to know how can I best prepare for it?

Not sure if you've already had your interview but be prepared to tell them a little about yourself and what made you want to become a nurse... 

 Most importantly, it will be behavioral /situational based.  So you want to always end the situation showing what the end result was, but in a positive way. 

Why you are choosing that particular school (think of their mission statement values, rigorous program, etc)

How do you identify with their mission statement? (Look it up and be able to speak to one of their core values and how you exemplify that) though they usually identify their mission statement in their question 

Usually a question about how you role modeled leadership 

Name a time you encountered a difficult situation and how did you get through it?

Usually a question about how you plan to be successful at their school (think of your strengths, your resources available, etc) 

Identify some of your strengths and areas to improve upon (think of a negative that's really a positive) 

Hope this helps!!  You'll do great! Remember you can take some time to think about it before you answer! 


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Hello Hannah,

Hope your interview went well! For future reference, AllNurses does have a resource on common nursing interview questions, feel free to check it out: Most Common Nursing Job Interview Questions, Best Answers, and Tips - Nursing Resources (



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