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BSN-DNP PMHNP Online programs



Which BSN-DNP PMNNP online program did you choose? or attending? Please share you experience...

I will be applying Fall 2021--so I am trying to gather any info that I can--so far I have decided to apply for my BSN-MSN PMHNP at Wilkes & NKU....

Thank you so much!


Specializes in CARN. Has 28 years experience.

Highly suggest Frontier Nursing University. I have been looking for 1.5 years into those programs and they offer a PMHP program that allows transition into the DNP program upon completion of their MSN program. They are 98% pass rate versus the national average of 80% and one of the most affordable price-wise. There are 2 mandated on sites visit however due to Covid they are doing them virtually at this time. It is worth the look as they are one of the oldest schools in the USA. Very well respected.