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BSN curriculum question

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I was wondering if someone could explain how long it takes to complete the BSN program to become an RN? I know my school says it takes 4 years to complete the program but I need to know what it is like when you complete the prerequisites before you actually get into the nursing program. Like some of the classes are lectures and some are labs and the hours for the labs are listed as being 20 hours long??? What does this mean? Like once you get into the nursing program do you go to school every day for 8 hours a day for the labs or what? So pretty much I just need to know how long the days are and how many days a week are the labs for nursing school? Also, are the labs the same as clinicals I hear everyone speaking of? Sorry to have so many questions I am just trying to figure out what my days will be like once or if i get into the nursing program.

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My school lists clinicals in the "lab" category on the course schedule, because you do earn credits for them. We also have an actual lab on campus where we can go practice skills on dummies before we attempt them on real people. I'm in semester 1 (of 4 in an accelerated program) and over the summer we take Patho (M/Th 9-11:50), Pharm (M1-530), and Ethical/Legal (online). Next semester we have Nursing Inquiry (online or 3 hours Friday, but I have to work), Foundations of Nursing (M 12-2:50 and clinical W 6:30-3ish), and Physical Exam and Assessment (Th 13:30-2:20). In addition, my first week I had 350 pages to read, an online module to complete along with a quiz and a discussion board entry (in proper APA format), and my first exam is on Monday over 6 hours of lecture and 8 chapters - 230 pages.

This is my program so far. It is acclerated, so the whole sequence only takes 15 months. The "upper division" students have the same first two semesters that we do, but they divide the rest out over 3 semesters with a summer off in the middle. All prereqs must be completed at my school before entry into the program, and you can't take any courses early anymore. Hope that helps!

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