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BSN completion: UIC vs. Benedictine


Hello everyone,

First off, thanks for taking the time to read this post. I am a current ADN working in the ICU and looking to complete my BSN. I have been accepted into two programs that I can't decide between. Here's the info:


-online program

-starts Aug 2011 for 16 months

-will have BSN from UIC (#1 program in illinois) - looks good for NP programs.

-$8500 out-of -pocket after tuition reimbursement


-not online, will have to drive (1-2 days per week), I live in Roselle, not that far.

-starts Jan 2012 for 12 months (so they end at the same time)

-Not really sure were Benedictine ranks for nursing

-$3200 out-of-pocket after tuition reimbursement

Does anyone have any input on either of these programs? I need to make a decision rather quickly and really don't know which way to go... Saving money at Benedictine would be great. I would eventually like to complete my master's degree at Rush. I don't know if it will make a difference where I get my BSN from, but I do know that both of these are good schools. Thanks for your time!!

Benedictine is actually a great school for their health and sciences. IMO I would do Ben U as it is cheaper and its in class. I know a few nurses who are doing their completion online and regret doing it online. Good luck!

Thanks for your reply! Anyone else have any insight to online BSN completion programs or have any advice they could give to help me make this decision???

Thanks again everyone!!