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Hey yall, check it out....I have some questions ....I will be graduating from UWSP (WI) in May with a BS in health promotion/bio. So, I already have lots of prereqs. The problem is in WI, seeing that there is a shortage of profs, the GPA requirements are like 3.5 or so to get into accelerated BSN programs or 2year 2nd degree programs. Also, there are waiting lists (2-3yrs) at some tech schools to get your ADN.

1. My GPA is a lousy 2.90.....Do you think that it would make that much a difference if I get an ADN instead of a BSN seeing as how I will already have a BS in a heath related field?

Obviously if I get accepted into a BSN program, I'll take it, but if an ADN program opens up think I should jump in?

2. If I don't get into a program, do you think getting my CNA would be worth while?

3. I applied for 2nd degree programs at Wayne State Univ. in Detroit and UWM(milwaukee)...I heard UWM has a waiting list so I prolly won't get in. Has anyone heard of decent program in any other state that doesn't have waiting lists?

4. If I don't get in any where do you think I should just enroll as an undergrad with no major and start taking higher bio, chem, anatomy to boost my GPA?

Thanx everyone for all the help!!!!


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Look into the specific schools you want to go to. They all have different requirements. Some require you be a CNA, some run on a point system, some run on a lottery system, etc. etc.

You need to look into the programs that you want to apply for and then take classes to meet those requirements. Then apply, cross your fingers, hope and pray :)

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