BS in Psychology trying for Accelerated MSN program. Thoughts, please?



I am a recent college graduate with a BS degree in Psychology. I tried profusely to find a job in my field after college and found no such luck. After a year of trying, I decided to reassess my career options. I decided to go back to school for a degree in nursing since that is what I started going to school for 5 years ago. Currently, I am back at home with the folks and taking pre-reqs at a CC. I am doing quite well, and my counselor is pushing the ADN program offered at the CC on me.

After exploring my options, I came across some accelerated programs. A few for BSN's but most for MSN's. They are for people with BA/BS degrees in an unrelated field.

Does anyone know anyone who has gone through an accelerated program? Does the accelerated portion affect the types of jobs you are able to obtain? Meaning in a ABSN weighted less than a BSN?

I'm still in the fence about this. I'm being told not to waste my time with an AA since employers are becoming very picky and only look for BSN and above.

The school I'm looking at is the University of San Francisco (AMSN), or possibly Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, CA (AMSN). Both are rather pricy at about $1,000 per unit.

Please, answer with any advice, or general thoughts about this situation.

Thank you,

Natalie :)