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Hi there!

I'm interested in applying to Brock's BScN program. I already have a degree from Brock with a cumulative average of about 77%, though my average in my final year was 86%.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what kinda marks they are typically looking for in an applicant coming from a previous degree? I have no concept of whether I am a competitive applicant, and I am nervous about whether I stand a chance at being admitted.


Contact Brock's admission department since you studied there. They will most likely require you to apply through OUAC or OCAS for the collaborative program. The 4-year program at Brock will require higher grades than the collaborative program. Both programs will require high school prerequisites. Preferences will always go towards graduating high school students but OCAS processes applications on a first come first serve basis where as OUAC will grant admissions to students with competitive grades.

Hi there!

Thanks for your response. I have contacted Brock, and am waiting to hear back. You mentioned that preference will always go to graduating high school students, do you know why that is?

I'm not 100% sure but I think it has something to do with mature student status. My good friend decided to pursue nursing after her first degree which was in business commerce wanted to take a full 4-year program at the same school she graduated which offered both 4-year university and 4-year joint collaborative with affiliated colleges. She had highly competitive grades in both high school and undergraduate and when she only received offer of admissions to the 4-year joint collaborative the reasoning they told her was 1) the preference OUAC has for current high school applicants; 2) OCAS under the Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology Act (CAAT) must process applications on a first come first basis and grant admissions to applicants who met the admissions requirements.

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