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Brevard Community College Insight?

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I currently live in the PNW. I'm working on pre-req's right now towards an ADN. I'm keeping all my options open as to possible places to get into a nursing program. There has been talk about moving to the space coast. Please no negative comments about moving to Fl. We've lived there and know what it's all about. I understand all the pro's and cons.

I have extensively researched BCC online. I understand the requirements. I am also aware of the 1 year wait to be established as a legal resident to pay instate tution.

I would just be interested in some first hand information in regards to how hard or how competitive it is to get into their program. Any insight would be much appreciated.


I go to Keiser University, which locally is the competitor of BCC. I have a few friends who attend BCC. One thing that is better about BCC is the cost. My school is VERY expensive. There was no wait for me to get in and at BCC there is an almost 1.5 to 2 year wait as of last week, I had 2 friends apply who scored extremely high on the NET test and they are going in with 4.0 GPA's. They were told it would be between 1.5-2 years before they would actually get in. I think it is case by case, but there is definitely a wait. If you call some of the local hospitals, Holmes Regional, Palm Bay Community, Cape Canaveral, and Wuesthoff and ask for the nurse managers they will explain the difference in the quality of nurses they see come out of BCC. This area is nice and we like it a lot. Good luck....


Thank you for your response. That is pretty much what I expected. When you mention quality of nurses, are you saying that skills vary among graduates at BCC?

I'd love some insight into other options if you have the time. I know IRCC is within driving distance, but I'm sure it's the same story?

How do you like Keiser?

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I LOVE Keiser. A drawback, some would say, is the fact it is extremely accelerated. The actual "Core" part is done in only 18 months. I will start my core in January 2008, I am doing pre req's now, and I will graduate with my Associates in Science for Nursing June 2009. We are at school between 6-8 hours a day, plus clinicals and studying. We have a 98-99% first time pass rate on the NCLEX. They are VERY picky about students. Like you have to have a 3.0 to get into the Core and once in you must maintain a 3.5. Like I said, this is an extremely accelerated program so like in my pre req's, a class you would take at BCC, like A&P, would take you 3-4 months. We do the same amount in 1 month.

What I mean by "Quality" is that some, people I have asked and students who have experienced this, say that during clinicals when we are assigned patients for the shift, a lot of the time the Keiser students do most is not all of the care, chartings, etc.... while in a lot of instances the nurses don't allow the BCC nursing students the free-reign they allow the Keiser students. As I said, that is not from my personal experience, but from other students and nurses I am friends with. Keiser just has a better reputation locally in regards to producing knowledgeable grad nurses.

Keiser is here in Melbourne as well. Like I said, I didn't have to wait to get in. I applied this Feb and started classes, with my nursing school acceptance letter, in April. They make you do 3 tests to get in, they don't want people falling behind in general knowledge type things.

I would be happy to talk to you more anytime.

IRCC may be in driving distance for you but FYI they take students from their service area first, meaning it is very difficult to get in if you live outside of Indian River, Okee, Martin or St. Lucie counties (most community colleges do this) Also, keep in mind clinical sites are in all four counties. However they do not employ a waiting list, there is two application periods a year and if they are taking in 70 students the best qualified 70 students that have applied get in. I used to teach at IRCC and am now a staff nurse at Martin Memorial in Stuart. I have to say Brevard is a little cool because they made one of the books I have written a required text. UCF offers a lot of online and other courses in the space coast area, don't rule out going the BSN route. In looking at cost it you could probably go all the way through a master's program on what it would cost to go to a private school.


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I graduated from BCC's LPN program in 1983 and from their ADN program in 1987. Although there was a waiting list for both programs, I wasn't on it. I got in the first time I applied, so you can't always go by the fact that there is a list. They not only take into account grades, but a face-to-face interview. Prior to the interviews I had to write an essay about why I wanted to be in their nursing program. I graduated with honors from both programs, and felt that I was VERY well prepared. Both of the programs that I graduated from had high NCLEX pass rates. Of course, that was several years ago. Good luck to you.

Thank you all so much! The information you've given is invaluable. It's one thing to search online, but hearing things first hand paints a better picture.

Thank you,

Thank you all so much! The information you've given is invaluable. It's one thing to search online, but hearing things first hand paints a better picture.

Thank you,

Anytime, if you need to ask other questions or want information about this area I will be glad to help. Just send me a PM and I will respond.

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