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our community recently opened a new breast care clinic. This is a beautiful facility and the hospital had an open house with tours. On the tour the guide opended a door and said "and this is our new needle location table" I looked at it couldn't figure it out and asked for an explanation. It was explained that you lay face down on the table with your "mams"hanging through a cutout on the table and then a computer operates the machiene. Now my question is I have had computers crash,freeze up etc. can you imagine I think I'd have to buy new body jewlrey to fill the new holes. Do you think we rely too much on technology?

I had one of those tests (a stereotactic biopsy). When it was first explained to me , the nurse said, "they raise up the table and the doctor works under you. It's like getting your muffler changed"

(Seriously for a moment..the technology is great. They can remove groups of microcalcifications without taking off half your breast.) :eek:

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