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BRCC Jan 2017 nursing program?

Hello everyone!!

Im currently a BRCC student and looking forward to applying for the nursing program next spring. Anymore people out there looking to do the same? Also, for the current students do ya'll know what GPA and Hesi score usually rank in the top 60?

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I applied for this year and we get our letters in June. I have heard from advisors that the lowest they take is a 3.5. No specifics on the HESI but it seems like they take GPA over HESI, but if you have a lower GPA (in the 3.5-3.6 range) and score in the upper 90s in HESI, they do seem to throw you some points for that as well.

That's great! I hope you get in. What GPA you have? I called one of the advisors & they told me that it all depends on the GPA pool that semester. She did tell me that the lowest they accepted last yr was a 3.5 & that when I apply next yr it may be lower or higher it just depends on my competition

If I keep my A in A&P I'll have a 3.88. If somehow I lose it and end up with a B I'll have a 3.6. I have a 96.4% on the HESI.

Wow! That's great. I currently have a 3.4 I'm taking A&P this summer. Aiming for an A. & Ima retake English & psychology in fall. I have a B in both,but want to get an A. That way I'll have a 3.8. How is A&P is it hard like everyone says?

It's supposed to be challenging, yes. Just with the amount of material we had to learn in 4 months, and the pace of the class, but I don't think any of the material was over my head. It's a lot of studying to get it all IN your head.

Ok. I understand & I have to do that within 2 months í ½í¸. In a good note that is the only class I'm taking over the summer. Do you mind sending me a pic of the text book? I have a book that someone gave me, but not sure if it's the right one or how up to date it is

It's by Amerman. The only edition by Amerman called Human Anatomy and Physiology and it has a picture of a girl in mid run on the cover. It's a new book they're using

Thank you! I just looked it up & it's pretty pricey & the little financial aid I have left want cover my books. Would you like to give or sell the book and workbook to me for a good price? & I'll just buy the cd from bookstore

Hey guys!! I'm applying for the nursing program in January also. My gpa is a 3.74 and hesi is 90.


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