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Our hospital just added Braden scoring to our NICU charting. It's been a minute since I've done it, and I need to pick your brains regarding scoring. (Before you tell me to go to the educator, I just took over as the educator.) I can't find the cheat sheet from my previous job.

Do all newborns get a 1 for sensory and 1 for friction/shear (or only if HOB elevated), and what about nutrition? Does plain D10W score a 2? Does TPN/IL score a 1?

Do the wires for the ECG leads count separately than the sticky pads? The info I found says yes, but my previous job counted it all as 1 point total. If it's counted all together, is it a 1 or a 2 score for the set?

Thanks in advance.


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We don't use the Braden QD in our NICU yet but sounds like we'll be going to it soon. I moderate a group of NICU nurse educators and just asked about this. Please join our group if you haven't already!



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