Both Husband and Wife in Navy??

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Hi everyone,

I am thanking you in advance for reading and giving any advice or knowledge on this matter. I have recently been accepted to an accelerated BSN program to start in August.:up: I have been very excited, and was looking into the Navy Nurse Corps as an option after graduating. My husband has been debating on career choices, and has decided he wants to join the Navy! So my questions:

1. Does anyone have experience with both husband and wife being in the Navy, or know any friends/family who have done this?

2. Would it be possible for us to be stationed in the same place?

3. Would anyone recommend/ not recommend doing this??

Thanks, I look forward to reading any responses!


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From my understanding, if both of you were to approach a navy recruiter with your situation, I think they would be willing to work with you to see that you are stationed in the same location. My husband and I discussed doing something similar with the Army. I know several couples that are dual-military and stationed in the same place. They try to keep you together.

The only thing I would have to say about both of you being active duty military is this: With today's military, no one is guaranteed to remain stateside for any length of time. The Navy deploys just like the Army, Marines and Air Force, (to different degrees of course, but there are personnel from every branch going to war) so consider the possibility that you and your spouse may deploy to a war zone or hostile waters together or separately, at different intervals for different durations of time.

I have a lot more experience dealing with situations the Army throws at soldiers, but I hope this helps. I have several friends in the Navy, and while they are two different beasts, a lot of what the service members face day-to-day can be quite the same.

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