Boston nursing schools... NEED ADVICE!


Hi everyone! I am currently looking into BSN programs but have some of questions! Stick with me- I would appreciate all the advice/opinions possible!

1. I currently have a BS so I've debated between a traditional BSN and the ABSN. Do you feel like earning an ABSN is less reputable and therefore makes it harder to get a job after graduating? I know the biggest difference is the intensity of the ABSN programs, but does anyone (maybe anyone that also had a BS and decided between the two) have input about either program?

2. I am mostly looking into Northeastern, Boston College, Simmons, UMass Boston, MCPHS, Curry and MGH Institute. Most posts on this site are at least a couple years old (about my specific questions) so I'm hoping for some updated advice. Does anyone have a good, overall ranking between these schools? Costs, reputation, organization of the programs, etc... Would also love to know if anyone went to any of these schools and your personal pros/cons about the school! *UMass seems to be significantly less expensive than most of the other schools, so what are the cons about going there?

I know I will have many more questions but I think answers for these will definitely be a helpful start! Thank you so much in advance for reading my post and sharing any wisdom you have!!