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Has anyone received an admission decision for the Jan. 2011 traditional MSN program at Boston college? Thanks.

Hi. Just saw this and wondered if you had heard anything yet. I found out (on Nov. 10th) that I was accepted for the traditional MSN for the January start. Will you be starting too?!

Hi Mokeen, I will be starting in January as well (FNP) and was wondering what your specialty is. Are you excited?

Sorry for not responding sooner, lilaclady. I will be going into women's health. I'm really looking forward to beginning the program, though I'll be part time. I feel like I don't know too many details yet - I hope BC will send out some more info soon. Feel free to email me. I'm curious to know what you're finding so far about getting started. Happy there's someone else starting too :-)

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Hi guys,

I also just found out I am accepted into the pediatric nurse practitoner program at BC and I will be going part-time. I am a recent BSN graduate from the University of Michigan and feeling a little nervous about not have any RN experience going into grad school. What about you two? Would love to hear from you guys! I also feel in the dark on details Mokeen! I think we are al in the same boat.

You guys are so have THE Sister Callista Roy there. Wish I could do grad work with her as an awesome would THAT be??

Best of luck to all of you!

nice to hear from you, imcasi! so the only update i have is that there will be an formal orientation lunch and meeting on January 13th. if you haven't already, you should be getting an email from bc about this. i'm looking forward to more information then! have either one of you looked into registering for classes and do you know yet what you'll be taking?

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