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hello! i'm a brand new school nurse for two schools, with a background in pediatric private-duty home care and office nursing. although the district has good support with other school nurses available, i'm still wondering if there are reference materials or other things i should know that will help me with this transition. i am a little nervous about it. this is in wa state.

has anyone used this disc: computerized classroom health care plans for school nurses, 4th ed., 2007, for helping with emergency or classroom hcps? what about derm notes: dermatology clinical pocket guide? and, i was looking for a source that is more than a first aid book, to help identify how concerned i should be about symptoms that i see and how urgent for them to see the doctor. what about advanced health assessment & clinical diagnosis in primary care - joyce e. dains?(i do already have a telephone triage book). and has anyone used computerized noteworthy advise for parents? (i'm not sure if that will be needed, but still would like input if anyone thinks that's really useful).anything else you'd recommend, either in reference books or overall advice? thanks in advance!

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