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Had a pt on our floor that had 2-16# guage IV's in his arm. While transfusing PRBC's, the blood started to trickle out from the IV insertion site and out from under the tegaderm. Tried flushing it but then saline was flowing out. Ended up switching over to the other IV site and the same thing happened. I know those bores are HUGE :eek: but why would this happen? Here I thought I would have it easy but spent more time fusing with it than I should have had to.


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I don't know if this could be the answer but:

Sometimes I have noticed that the larger bore IV's leak after being in for a while. They aren't infiltrated, the hole in the skin (and I assume, the vein) has gotten a "tad" bit bigger, and the fluid leaks out. Most of the fluid goes in, but even that little bit that leaks out can make a mess.

I have usually dc'd the IV.

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