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Bone Graft (+screw), AVN tx - anyone with experience??


Curious, I'm not familiar with this treatment.

Anyone out there with experience with bone grafts? Anyone I have ever known has had success but I was hearing from someone tonight that they heard it is not so successful.

Wrist Fracture with Avascular Necrosis (bone is not dead)

Plastic surgery will be a screw and bone graft from hip.

Anyone familiar with this?

Success rate to your knowledge?

Any knowledge of success of bone graft taking?

Heard won't be walking for a week cuz of hip donor site...(?)


Specializes in Neuro /Med-Surg.

I work on a neuro floor with pt's who have had spinal surg sometimes requiring a bone graft, which is almost always from the hip. I don't recall any pt having any diff due to the graft. Most of the graft sites have very small dsgs.

I have read that the donor site is very painful.

This is for navicular (scaphoid I think). It's such a small bone to fuse, seems that it wouldn't take much from the hip.

I never realized that the donor site can pose so many problems afterwards. I thought this was a good choice to save the scaphoid bone.

I haven't heard of any problems personally but I have minimal experience with this. I know of someone who had a cadaver graft that went well and a small number of auto grafts but never heard of the donor site being very painful.

Everything I read tonight says it is very painful and difficult to walk.

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