bolus PEG tube feeding


I am performing a PEG tube bolus feeding at my nursing school tomorrow. I would like to know if I am suppose to check residuals before the feeding. this is what i researched and found, draw up the residual, return it, save a small drop to test on PH paper, then flush the tube with 30ml of tap or sterile water, pour the feeding in by gravity, then flush with 30mls and then reclamp the tube. is that correct?

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You will need to find out what the policy is at your clinical site as well as whether or not the patient has an order for checking residuals. When to check residuals, whether to return or discard, and when to hold feeds should all be in either a facility protocol or order specific to the patient. There is nothing wrong with the steps that you listed, but the hospital will have it's own policy related to administering a bolus feeding that you will need to follow.