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I work in an Operating Room, and we are looking at our policy about jewellry for patients. We would like to have it all removed including body piercings because of potential risks. Has anyone had any patients that have had the type of piercing where part of the jewellry is permanently embeded under the skin making a design, and used electrodautery on that patient? I need some info to know if there were any burns resulting from a large amount of metal close together. Any other anecdotal info would be good. Thanks:confused:

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I don't know any particular information of the type you are looking for, however...

The things you are talking about are called implants. That may help in your quest for information. You can look for information on them at

If the patient has..say a clitoral hood piercing that has an acrylic barbell in it, would that need to be removed if she was having her gallbladder removed? If so, what would the reasoning be?

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