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Hello SRNA's

I just felt the need to tell any SRNA looking for a course in board preparation about my experience with the "Board Stiff CRNA" mock written exam course.


Do your research on board preparation is worth your time, effort and money!

Kdur, SRNA:(


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I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I thought it was absolutely fantastic! I did my research, and almost every single person who has ever taken Board Stiff CRNA has passed on the first attempt! Several schools actually use them for all their students as a required course for oral prep. And Dr. Gallagher was named Teacher of the Year for the International Anesthesia Research Society!

I'm really glad I did it!

L :up::specs:


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I'm glad you had a positive experience with the Board Stiff CRNA course.

In my post I encouraged anyone interested in a CRNA review course to do their research. When I researched this course, the only information I had to go on was their website, and the fact that Board Stiff has been around awhile for oral prep for MDA's.

I am interested in how you "researched" the course, and which schools actually use them for their board review.

The Board Stiff CRNA course is relatively new (2008) so where did your data come from? You stated "almost every single person who has ever taken Board Stiff CRNA has passed on the first attempt", where did this information come from, and how many students are you talking about?

But this course is not taught by an MDA. The course is given by CRNA's.

My issues with the course were the questions were not representative of boards (many were just ridiculous), and the CRNA "teaching" the course was unable to answer many of our clinical questions pertaining to the information they were providing.

I stand by my assessment of the Board Stiff CRNA review course. It is a complete waste of $650.00.

Your reply is appreciated.


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Another question for "leahbratan" you have any interest in (financial or otherwise) in the Boardstiff CRNA review course?

Question for the editor of Allnurses...why was my last reply edited?

Thank you.

victor dave

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for a more affordable review, go to

i passed no problem

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