bmcc nursing applicant fall 2013


hello can anyone here tell me if they know what the lowest pre-req gpa was for the spring 13 applications ? im really nervous and i take my hesi a2 tomorrow. so if you have taken the exam at much time are you allotted ? i know they test a&p, math, and reading. in the there algebra ?


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hello i have also same problem:( my gpa is 3.46 but nursing adviser told me it is not enough. The minimum pre-req suppose to be 3.7 at least which is very odd couse online it says minimum is 2.5. Its just a waste of money. Now i dont know what to do please help. What college i can transfer? I actually looking for NJ colleges. Any suggestions please?


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HI.. In my understanding, the 2.5 GPA is the minimum. Now there is a certain number of student for the program every semester. so the start to take from the top GPA and come down until they reach the 120. so if 120 student have 4GPA the rest have to wait for next semester. So it kind of waiting list but not really because on a waiting list it fist come first serve. Here its by the GPA and the Hesi A2 score. For the 2.5 GPA, let say the level was law and they have to come down to reach the 120 student, they don't go lower than 2.5 . Im a BMCC pre-nurse student too and this fall is my second semester. Im taking Chemistry, Eng 201 and Psycho. I already took Math 104, Socio, Eng 101 and speech.. Good Luck ;)


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Hey how was the exam . How were each section. I currently. Enrolled this semester fall 2013. How was the AnP section. Please help


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Hey I. Currently taking math 104. How'was it.? Have you taken the hesi as yet ?


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Do any of you guys have calculate with confidence 5th edition? For math 104? Please let me know!