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hi all, great site

im currently three years into working as a community registered nurse and am considering a change

im quite interested in working for the blood service as one aspect of my job i really enjoy

is being out and about visiting people in the community and i guess this would make up a large part

being in a mobile blood clinic.

having only donated once and an interest in this im not sure about what the job is actually like?

any feedback or info would be much appreciated.



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I have been a blood center collections nurse for 1 1/2 years. It is a lot of fun!

At my center, we are a great team of people. Errors get made which is nautral but the management has a strong education focus rather than an "eat the young" focus. You work with primarily healthy people with great veins (except sometimes the autologous donors may have illnesses and poor veins). We easily place 16g needles all the time. You won't lose your phlebotomy skills! The donors want to be there and they love sharing stories (and usually you have a moment or 2 to listen if you want). You learn a lot of geography (people travel to areas of malaria risk all the time). It is generally low stress and happy.

The down side - it can get monotonous and boring to do the same thing every day unless you hook into the people part. Changes can be frequent as dictated by the FDA, AABB, CDC and other govenring boards. Because of said governance, SOPs must be strictly followed because if they do a spot inspection, your center could get shut down (Good news, the rules are for the safety of the recipient or the donor, so thery are there for a good reason!) Our salaries start at about $10 per hour less than the going rate in the local hospitals :( but my benefits are great!

In short, I love it... also many centers are looking into automation so this is a good place for informatics folks.

Let me know if you have any more questions.... Also, go donate - it can save up to 3 or more lives. Then you could also question the staff, if you go at the end of the drive, it is usually a bit quieter.....



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just a quick note to say thanks for your reply to my topic. lots of really helpful info there thanks, can understand why some might find it a bit repetitive but like you said, its more the people side of things and working with willing healthy volunteers that interest me as well as being out and about in the community. as for pay, despite the recession, i think its far more important to do something you actually enjoy! thanks again, i have been to donate today and yes they were very helpful; shame there's not as many job oppertunities here in the U.K. as there (it seems) in every other country. thank you

Jim x


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so sorry for reply, havent been on here much since. well... April last year!

anyway; initially, it turned out the couldnt afford to employ me (Ireland was suffering very badly with recession @ the time) then offered me the job about 5 months after the interview, by which time i'd already found something else.

I now work as a custody nurse here in Devon and am really enjoying it.

its quite laid back, pays well and nice staff to work with.

thanks again for your advice; blood donation still appeals to me and maybe i'll get round to again another time, hope alls well with you. How was your birthday weekend this year, was blazing hot and sunny here that weekend, doesnt happen often!

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