Block Booking in the OR

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I was wondering if anyone could share some information of block booking in the OR? How it works at your institution if you have it?

We utilize block scheduling at our facility. We set the blocks up in our computerized system. Example: Dr X has block time every Thursday from 7:30-noon. We then set the parameters for the blocks. Our blocks release 48hrs prior to day..if Dr X has not booked cases then it becomes available for anyone to use. We also require 60% utilization of blocks, evaluated monthly, if they don't meet this, they lose their time. This is incentive for them to release their time if they go on vacation..etc.

I work within a suite of four theatres. The working day for each theatre is split into two sesions, morning and afternoon. The session times are 9am - 12.30pm, and 2pm - 5.30 pm. The surgeons have dedicated sessions each week, eg. Mr A.has three sessions per week, mr. B has four sessions per week, etc. If the surgeon's work entails lengthy surgery, then he/she may have an "all day" session, which means they often do not break at 12.30pm. We receive a printed operating list for each surgeon up to a week before the session, which provides patient's details and the nature of the operation which they will undergo. This enables staff to ensure that all necessary equipment is available. Theatre space is made available each day to accommodate acute/trauma work. I hope that this information is of some help to you.

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